WMAD Africa Feb. 2015
  • Welcome to our Women Making a Difference Website, our global community…outreach.


    Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today
    and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
    – M. Beattie

    “Keep your dreams alive, they are the blueprints of your soul.” – N.B.

    Credit of our dream to have this newly faced medium to communicate has been the progression of a worthy dream in its detours, challenges, changes and lessons earned; our companion to progress. Thank you to our friend Sidonia McIntyre for this gracious gift, connecting with Meghan Massong, a talented, young, amazing creative web designer with a heart for people! This site now delivers our presence to the world at large. The results of a faith filled passion, serving and connecting with like minded people that value all God’s people and their worth. Thank you Meghan Massong for the opportunity to create and learn with you! You have caught the heart beat of who we are and the vision that has a life and purpose of its own.

    I believe each person we meet provides opportunity to grow, to think out of the box, out of one’s comfort zone. To find joy in the person God designed us to be with a loving, humble attitude of interdependence. Abandon your fear of limitation, boldly embrace an inside out perspective of living God directed lives!

    nancyI am Nancy Hertel – Bolton, an ordinary person with an extraordinary sensitive love for people and making a positive influence. Business, personal values and principles of excellence and overcoming challenges, taught me the importance of building relationships with people from all walks of life. Letting go when necessary with clarity of compassionate purpose moving forward to boldly embrace a miraculous adventure each day.

    My goal is to achieve my Master’s degree as a world changer; personally plugged in to biblical study, principles, virtues and values. To love one another, to not be the judge of others actions but to boldly make my own changes with courage and conviction.

    I am a believer of action and pursuing dreams of renewal, freedom and justice for families, especially women and children. I believe in a holistic approach to living in freedom and eradicate poverty in all its forms. Education in all aspects encourages and empowers. Sharing Hope, the light of human potential, the spark that ignites a dream. A passion for change equates a vision to conquer chaos and confusion. The heart holds vision to what is and what can be! Vision has a power to focus and Ignite the Human Spirit!

    I am the wife of an amazing husband Jim. His ongoing love and support in this organization is my source and strength to push forward. Our friendship circle, three adult children and six grandchildren play a specific role in who we have become, exercising our evolving on going commitment to one another.

    Previous business owners; Hairport and Colours Franchise, Chatham ON Canada and Colours Windsor ON.

    In June of 2003 the life of WMAD began. The progression of our women, thus our name. Gathering once a month to set goals, support, encourage and empower women in a transforming positive and safe environment. A legacy of faith, WMAD was established in memory of Loretta Hertel my mother and friend who lived a life of faith, hope and unconditional love. A grass roots beginning in 2003 that has no end. “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.” Luke 1:45


    ALL things work together for good… Together WE make a world of difference!

    Nancy Bolton, Founder/Director


  • Our Mission Statement

    We acknowledge our power to change and grow and be radically alive for God and for one another.

    We cherish life and empower the poor with dignity and opportunity.

    We allow passion to push us to dismantle abusive systems

    We engage in local and international partnerships in human and community development for holistic rehabilitation and transformation especially vulnerable women and children.

  • The Naogoan Water Project

    The Problem

    The Naogoan Free School is located in rural northwest Bangladesh. The people who live in rural areas face debilitating poverty and many of the children have no families who care for them. Some work as day labourers in local factories or fields.

    Over 380 vulnerable children are presently receiving a quality education at the Naogoan Free School. However, many of the children are suffering from various health problems caused by poor, contaminated water sources. The school is in need of a water reservoir that will ensure that fresh water is available for the children and families in the community.


    The Project

    The Naogoan Water Project will install an underground reservoir and piping system that will supply fresh water for the school and the orphanage year round. Having access to safe drinking water will greatly reduce the number of waterborne diseases in the region such as cholera and diarrhea, especially in times when water is scarce. Safe drinking water will now be available all year.

    The total cost of the project is $10,000


    Click here to learn more. (PDF)



  • We’ve Partnered with International Needs to Provide Clean Water in Kenya

    Clean Water Project

    You can BE part of the solution, click here to donate.



  • WMAD is Hosting a Book Signing

    Meet Donna Michalek author of MAJI KIJANA (Water Boy)
    Inspiring children’s story from the heart of Africa. A book impacting change!

    Venue: Harvest Moon, Dresden
    Date: Saturday, June 11th, 2016

    All Book Sales to WMAD Water Projects, partnered with Int. Needs Canada

    Click here for full details (PDF)



  • WMAD Reflections for 2015-2016

    “Igniting Human Potential” We continue cultivating the spark of Personal Freedom; transforming within women methods of encouragement to embrace ownership of their lives and unlocking their potential. We value life for all people recognizing the basics necessary to live a life of authentic purpose and fulfillment. We nourish the importance of becoming our best self in transformation and mentoring our next generation.

    Click here to read Nancy’s reflections on WMAD in 2015 and upcoming goals for 2016. (PDF)



  • WMAD was Featured in International Needs “The Link Newsletter”

    International NeedsClick here to read the newsletter containing an article about how Women Making a Difference provided water to a drought ridden area in Africa. (PDF)



  • 12 Practices of Christmas Joy

    Click here to read a poem written by JoAnne Muegge, a member of WMAD. (PDF)



  • WMAD’s Discovery Tour 2015

    The purpose of this Discovery Tour is to visit water projects that have been supported by WMAD. It is also a unique opportunity to discover the work of International Needs and partner organizations.

    Click here to download the General Information & Conditions and view the Itinerary for this trip.  (PDF)



  • Latest News

    “Walk for Water” May 2013 was a Great Success

    Walk for Water - May 2014

    The Walk for Water and a thank you to our team, spirit and the many giving people who made pledges for our water projects in Ghana Africa, through International Needs.

    Visit our Photo Gallery to see more pictures from this event.



    A new book authored by WMAD member,  JoAnne Dietrich Muegge, is set  to be released on December 1st, 2013.  To request your copy, email JoAnne at mjmuegge@gmail.com. Please take a moment to watch the promo video below. Her website and e-book version are coming soon.



  • Our Next Project:

    A Walk a Thon. Our purpose “Walk For Water” Walkers gather at 10am Assumption Park on route to Dieppe Park May 20th 2013, Monday, Windsor 120th Birthday Celebration… The mayor’s riverfront walk.

    How you can help WMAD:

    Register for the Walk, with pledges or Make a pledge. Donations $15. and up will receive a tax receipt. Cheques payable to International Needs. Memo WMAD water projects Ghana.

    Donations for prizes which will be received at our WMAD Awards Family night banquet June 19th at Rochester Place Resort. Inspirational Speaker: Maeve Omstead Johnston, motivational speaker, author of The Gift of Love and The Gathering Time and hernew series of Children’s books View at www.erieauthor.com This evening will be by reservations!

    As we each give a little… Time and or money, it becomes more than we can imagine! We have so much available to us. Together we encourage and empower, to open one’s heart in a conscious effort to be that change in our world with purpose!



  • Our Latest Projects

    • The Well-Come Centre is our focus local project in this new season. Women Helping Women!
    • Continuing our water projects for Ghana Africa in partnership with International Needs Canada/Ghana
    • “Coins for Clean Water” bringing change to one remote village at a time. – No woman should have to walk miles in her day, on dangerous bush paths with her children, to carry diseased water home to her family.
  • Upcoming Gathering

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
    Colasanti's Hibiscus Room

    Theme: Love Resides

    We welcome all women from all walks of life. Reservations necessary.  

    Please click here for full details.