About Us

Thank you for your interest in Women Making a Difference and our ongoing projects to make our difference within our local and global community partnerships.

WMAD began its roots in 2003 representing an amalgamation of women from all walks of life, backgrounds and ages sharing a common purpose. We make a unique impact with methods of action supporting one another personally and in the marketplace.

Our ongoing local projects and global world at large continues to impact lives. Local projects have included Hiatus House, Street Help/Unit 7, Spirit of Excellence and Downtown Mission. Our local projects revive an awareness connecting with community helping our neighbours. We are currently partnered with The Well-Come Centre a hospice for Homeless Women. At our monthly gatherings we bring much needed supplies for the Centre and assist in project needs to encourage our local neighbours with dignity!

Who is our neighbour? I believe it extends beyond borders.
WMAD has built a strong partnership with International Needs Canada connecting us in partnership to International Needs Ghana, Africa. Our goal is to empower women by providing clean water; a basic element of LIFE to many remote villages of Ghana. To date our project “Coins for Clean Water” has made its impact to empower, changing lives! We are on our fourth water project.

January 2011 our first team of seven women made a Discovery Mission Trip fulfilling our list of dreams to accomplishment on behalf of so many who supported our projects. Through the endeavours of so many of our women and caring people, significance for positive change for the remote village of Kanuwloe, Ghana West Africa, a village of 800 residents. Did you know? Tainted water kills more people every year than all forms of violence including war. WE need to end this daily process for women walking endless miles daily with their children on dangerous paths to carry a water jug home from infested ponds with disease. Our second water project was completed September 2011 for the remote village of Kpevikpo. To date we are on our fourth water project.

Think about it, we take our access to clean water for granted. What would your lifestyle be like without clean water? Clean water is life, existence and independence! You can help make life “giving change” in lives.

February 2015 our next WMAD team will mark our Discovery Mission Trip. The planning process has begun.

As we each give a little… Time and or money, it becomes more than we can imagine! We have so much available to us. Together we encourage and empower, to open one’s heart in a conscious effort to be that change in our world with purpose!