Alyssa’s Story

“Children are our Future.”

AlyssaThis photo of Alyssa is from our special day together at Tim Hortons celebrating her accomplishment! This achievement is about the journey; the leadership, courage and confidence it took to be a voice to a dream for children in Ghana, Africa. It is an honour to share this story below of inspiration from a heart that cared enough to do something! A young girl with a big dream!

Since this story Alyssa has spoke at various Women Making a Difference events. Alyssa does not raise only dollars, but awareness! Be aware of your special assignment! Be aware of your Field of Dreams! Act on a plan and make your difference!

Alyssa we are so proud of you! Thank you being our special “Little Woman Making Your Difference!”


Nancy Bolton
Executive Director
Women Making a Difference



Her Story…

AlyssaIn the spring of 2011 I went to my 1st Women Making a Difference meeting with my mom.

At that meeting I heard Lynn, Elma, Linda and Nancy talk about what it was like in Africa. What I remember the most is the children in the schools and how they didn’t have clean water to drink – they had to walk for miles to get it and it looked like mud. I realize that for me having clean water is one of those things I take for granted. I don’t have to walk a long way to get my water, I can turn on the tap at any time and clean water automatically comes out.

I felt bad for those children and on the drive home I couldn’t stop thinking about them, they were still on my mind and I wanted to think of a way to help. I shared some of my ideas with my mom and she said that if this is something I wanted to do, her and dad would match dollar for dollar what I raised.

The next day at school I went to see the principal with my ideas. I wanted to have a cupcake sale to raise money to help with a 2nd water project in Ghana. My goal was to raise $500. I was so excited when he said yes! I was telling my parents about my talk with the principal and mom suggested that because it was getting warmer outside, perhaps instead of cupcakes, I could sell freezies . (Personally I don’t think she wanted to bake 500 cupcakes but I thought freezies were a good idea)

I started gathering a committee of friends to help me out. We made posters together to put around the school, and we divided the work into jobs. For example 2 people would sell at one stand, 2 people at another. It was fun and we were all so glad to know we were helping those children. When I told our friends and family what I was doing, it was amazing to see them help donate money too! I was getting closer to my goal and closer to the big day!

Finally Freezie day arrived – a crowd of children swarmed the hallways and lined up to get their sweet frozen treats. I think it was more than that – the kids weren’t just getting in line for freezies, they wanted to help those children in Ghana too. Some friends even made donation on top of buying a freezie – for example: they gave me extra money for the freezie and didn’t want their change back – I couldn’t believe it!

After it was over (and we had a chance to catch our breath) we counted up all the money, including the extra donations from friends and family – we had raised over $300 – so that meant that with my parents matching I beat my goal and raised over $600!!!

I told my friends what our total was and they were happy too (but I don’t think anyone was happier than I was!)

This experience has taught me to be more aware of what’s going on in my world. We need to watch out for other people even if they are not in our own country. Like God said “we need to love one another”

Thank you to Women making a Difference for inspiring me to do this – now I can say I’m a member of “Little Women Making a Difference”