International Needs Child Sponsorship

WMAD has sponsored a child through International Needs, using the proceeds raised from bracelet sales.


Esther Mumbi Njeri

EstherEsther was born on May 9, 2009 and lives in Limuru a rural area North of Nairobi, Kenya. She lives with her mother and two older sisters Gladys 12 and Maria 11 years old. Her father left the family sometime ago.

Esther’s mother has casual day jobs in order to try and provide for her three children. They live in a mud house with a mud floor without electricity or running water.

The walk to school is 2 kilometres but Esther is grateful and happy that she has been sponsored because now she has the opportunity of receiving an education. Previously there was only enough money to send the two older girls to school. Esther loves skipping and sweeping the compound and at school she enjoys the math lessons.

Sponsorship makes an enormous impact on the life of a child by enabling them to receive an education and in this way escape the cycle of poverty.


For more information or to sponsor a child please contact:
Donna Michalek, Sponsorship Advocate at International Needs Canada or call her at 226.820.0087