Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca is about twenty-three years old. She lost her mother at a tender age. She still doesn’t know the whereabouts of her father. In view of that, Rebecca, together with her siblings, had no formal education, no skills, and had to struggle to meet their basic needs as children. They grew up in the slum of Accra.

Rebecca’s brother decided to move to Chokor, a fishing slum at the western side of Accra. Since he had no skills, he was engaged as a driver’s mate, working from 5am until about 10pm for an irregular small fee which he had to use to take care of himself and Rebecca. He decided to learn driving on the vehicle, taught by his master. He now drives a taxi and rented a small place for himself and Rebecca.


Rebecca in her community, displaying some of the batik she produced for sale

Rebecca spent most of her time lamenting over her inability to acquire education. She had wanted to become a nurse but had no opportunity. At the time she decided to learn dressmaking, her brother could not afford the apprenticeship fee.

Rebecca was finally rescued and prevented from going on the streets to make a living. On arrival at the training Centre she had no confidence in herself and wondered if she could also learn and acquire skills in the batik , tie and dye vocation that she chose. After going through career guidance and vocational counseling, Grace started at a slow pace, gradually climbing up until she became perfect.

Rebecca became one of the best batik producers in her team. Her products were admired on the day of exhibition at the centre. “I never thought I could also be a batik producer. I thought I had no talent. I’m very grateful to International Needs for the support and empowerment to enable me earn a decent income

Today, Rebecca is the best batik designer and producer in the Chorkor community where she is based. Her clients include foreign tourists to Ghana. She has regained her self-confident and dignity.