“Thank you so much for the invitation and opportunity to meet with your wonderful group. You are amazing in the way that you care for those in need of clean water overseas and those who are in need of shelter in your community. I was very impressed with your gathering and see that you are all passionate about the needs of others.

Thank you for your many years of support of International Needs and thank you in particular for your gifts towards the Bangladesh water project. I will remember your generosity and the impact in our community as I will remember the kindness with which you welcomed me in your midst.

Wishing you and WMAD blessings in the years to come and a Merry Christmas to all.”

Mac Adhikary
Executive Director, International Needs Bangladesh



“I feel blessed to have been invited to attend WMAD meetings my their amazing virtuous and inspirational leader Nancy Bolton. Although very fortunate to have been surrounded by circles of amazing women in my yearsI have never been part of a formalized women’s group. Admittedly , I was a little nervous to attend at first. I wondered – will I fit in? Do I have anything to contribute? BUT I felt drawn to explore it- partly because of Nancy’s contagious faith filled passion, dedication , energy (& laugh) and also because I embraced WMAD’s vision, values and missions. The commitment to supporting local and global community and “Clean Water Projects” and children/women in need. Any trepidation I had was immediately eased on attending my 1st meeting 1 1/2 years ago. WMAD is a vibrant group with remarkable women from all walks of life . Each woman is unique with their own story, and talents /gifts to share but they come together in WMAD and life with a common purpose, passion and commitment. It is a loving and supportive environment. Every meeting has an opportunity to share a bit about yourself- I find it tremendously therapeutic to realize that we ALL share the same life challenges no matter how successful one is.. The speakers at the meetings I have attended have been inspirational, motivating and truly inspire you to the “ignite the true potential within”. And whether I intended it to be my purpose of joining WMAD I can say that each time I attend a gathering I leave with more resolve, clarity and direction of WHO I am and WHAT my purpose is. Thanks ladies – I am so grateful to have met you all and look forward to all our times together!”

Susan Shaw
Wife, mother, grandmother, friend to many, Physiotherapist and healer



“When I met Nancy Hertel-Bolton at my first WMAD meeting, I recognized that I was looking into the eyes of love. She was the epitome of patience, confidence, and contagious inspiration. It didn’t take long to catch her vision of honouring Self and being of service to others.

One woman
With a heart of gold
Can accomplish miracles
Amazing to behold.

Her dreams are big
But they always come true.
Follow Nancy –
She leads you to the ‘real’ you.

Thank you, Nancy, for teaching me the most valuable gift of selfless giving!

In Light & Love,”

Kay Hillman



“Melissa McCormick invited me to Women Making a Difference a couple years ago. I can’t explain to you the amazing sense of peace I found when I walked into that room. The women that make up this amazing group are truly a blessing. I felt immediately “a part” of something bigger than I. With an open mind and positive attitude I continue to grow daily with these women by my side. They are extremely empowering and encouraging. Thank you Women Making a Difference for inspiring me to be all I can be.”

Gail Hosking
Independent Consultant – Pampered Chef
Phone: 519-915-2061 | Email: ghosking@cogeco.ca |
Website: www.pamperedchef.ca/pws/gailhosking



“WMAD and Nancy Bolton are an inspiration and an amazing partner. I have the opportunity to attend WMAD meetings once or twice a year because distance prevents me from attending more frequently.

However, I have the privilege of working together with WMAD to promote safe water around the world. International Needs Canada is the conduit for all of the six water projects that WMAD has funded up until now. Thousands and thousands of lives have been impacted as communities are transformed by clean water.

Nancy and the women never fail to impress me with their commitment to local projects in Windsor and clean water overseas. I love how they are passionate about women in their own community alongside of women on the other side of the world.

Thank you WMAD you live up to your name and I can’t imagine a better organization to partner with.”

Corrie Mulder
Director of Operations, International Needs Canada



“Women Making a Difference has made a difference in my life. My Grandmother Maeve invited me as her guest and the community spoke right to my heart. The founder and creative director, Nancy Bolton, has not only one of the most contagious laughs, but her love of humanity is beautiful. Nancy is the Oprah of Windsor/ Essex County. She has a genuine interest in women’s lives and stories. Nancy’s inspired perspective and remarkable love of life’s adventure and as shaped the mission and ways of WMAD, leaving imprints on hundreds of hearts.

Becoming a member of WMAD, still holds as one of the best gifts I’ve given myself. Each meeting is like sun rays from heaven as it speaks to the core of the human spirit. We gather as women together to celebrate life and learn from all the people and life experiences.

Nancy Bolton has been such a cheerleader for many helping to build our dreams and live an authentic life. Rather it be an artist, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Teacher, Realtor, Nurse, Mother.. WMAD is like a compass that helps a woman honor her divine calling as a woman and embrace the queen within. As a Christ-Centered community, WMAD outreaches to local projects such as the Homeless Shelter and global such as the Water Project teaches those of importance of giving back and it is in the service of others that often brings one the most joy.

Woman Making a Difference is a community of Earth Angels. The compassion, love and celebration is a breath of heaven and provides refreshment for a woman’s soul. The community cultivates and celebrates a woman’s worth and ignites lights within woman’s heart to love boundlessly and dance their life dance.”

Brittany Omstead
Kindergarten Teacher & Artist



“Attending a Women Making a Difference meeting is absolutely inspiring! The group consistently attracts a large crowd of positive women and we are presented with a program of fun, fellowship and amazing speakers. I have connected with many brilliant members of the organization who have become close friends and supporters of my personal mission.

Executive Director Nancy Bolton leads the group and is a fascinating example of how one individual, with the desire to help others, can change the world. Her humanitarian efforts have resulted in making a huge contribution to helping those less fortunate and in need of basic human requirements. This includes Windsor’s homeless and well as clean water for women in Africa, to just name a few.

Members of WMAD constantly support each other both personally and professionally and it is electric to attend a meeting with such passion and positivity. I highly recommend attending as a guest just to experience the upbeat and energetic community leaders who gather monthly in order to make a difference.

Dr. Melissa McCormick L.L.D
Bestselling Author of “The Queen’s Daughter” and “Thick Skin”, Athena Award Winner, Victim Advocate, Survivor, Mentor
Email: mel@queensdaughter.com
Website: www.queensdaughter.com



“Nancy Bolton is the Founder and Director of WMAD. (Women making a Difference.) I met her in 2006 and we have been friends ever since. Nancy inspires every woman she meets to ‘be the best she can be.‘ By setting her personal goals high, she encourages other women to do the same. Whether it’s tackling a huge project like earning funds for fresh water Wells in Africa, helping Downtown Mission in Windsor or simply encouraging women to stand by, encourage and be supportive of one another, Nancy usually succeeds. She sets her sights high, races ahead and crosses the finish line successfully, with a strong group of women working by her side.

Newcomers arrive at WMAD meetings, are greeted at the door and before long they feel the ‘wonder full’ vibrations in the room. We hug one another, hear each other and pray for our friends and the world at large. No sadness is too small or illness too large to write on a piece of paper and place in the private prayer box. A small group of women pray daily for those who seek their help, by reaching out for God’s blessing and healing.

Women Making a Difference has afforded me the opportunity to meet and make friends with many wonderful women. We gather to support each other, while strengthening ourselves. My creative and oral skills have been kept ‘in tune’ as I’ve had the honour of speaking at many of the meetings. I am simply thankful to be considered ‘a woman who makes a difference’ at home, in my family, with my friends, in our neighbourhoods and communities, as well as in the world at large. This is the purpose of WMAD.”

Maeve Omstead Johnston
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Author, Story Teller and Speaker
Email: maeveo@cogeco.ca



“As both a speaker for WMAD and an attendee of their gatherings I have felt on every occasion like I am surrounded by beloved friends. This organization is love filled, supportive and community minded. WMAD is a true gift to women from every walk of life. Every time you gather with WMAD you leave with a new friend and a deeper connection to something very special. WMAD is an establishment that exemplifies what it means to be a woman. I am blessed to know all of the women who have participated and continue to participate in such an amazing organization.”

Jennifer Merritt
Artist and Healing Arts Teacher



“As a business owner I first attended Women Making A Difference to network and grow my business contacts. To my great joy this group has provided me with so much more! Through Nancy’s loving nature and professional leadership I have connected and learned from so many wonderful and wise women on a business, personal and spiritual level. I am so grateful to have found this group. Also through Nancy, I have been introduced to International Needs. I have enjoyed fundraising for this worthy charity and hope to join a group of WMAD members to Ghana Africa in 2015.”

Corrine Ferreira



“My name is Janet McKellar and I am retired. I do some cleaning to get out of the house and have a quiet life in Comber, Ontario. I was invited to Women Making A Difference by my neighbour for a birthday present and this turned out to be one of the best presents I have ever received. I have always been a good wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend but needed something more. I had stopped doing many things I loved because of painful joints etc. and had locked myself away in the house just existing not really living. I was searching for a way I could give of myself in local environments as well as globally and this did not seem possible to me.
When I attended my first meeting of Women Making a Difference, immediately I knew I had found my outlet to donate to many different causes. I also found a way to fill an empty hole inside myself. I am also a person that finds it very hard to drive out to appointments and meetings and just end up staying home because it is easier. Through WMAD I not only found a way to give of myself, I am sewing again which I had stopped and I also drove myself to a meeting in the middle of winter because I just could not miss it! I felt compelled to go for not only the positive boost I knew I would get but also it helped me over-ride my fears and just have a good time. Now I am a member of WMAD and I am doing work that reaches all the way to Africa and also helps local women right here in Essex County. I get back so much more from my association with WMAD than I give. It has changed my life in so many positive ways. I still don’t like to drive but I know I can when the need is created inside. I have made many lasting friendships and only look positively to the future for new things to come.”

Janet McKellar



“For me, Women Making a Difference provides a place for women to encourage, inspire and support each other toward their personal and professional growth. It is a network of sincere, genuine and honest women who truly believe in working together to strengthen others. Getting involved with WMAD has truly given me the courage to move forward in my personal life, work and business.”

Lisa Raffoul
Certified Life Coach, Author, Public Speaker and Professional Development Specialist



“I am a people person and WMAD sure has wonderful women to interact with who have so many different backgrounds and personalities as well as delightful and inspirational speakers to encourage us women along our journey in this life. The building up of the women’s’ self-worth is such an integral part of our meetings and is a joy to watch all the animated conversations that go on as we get to know each other a bit better every month. Many of the women have a profound faith in God, but there are those who maybe don’t share that spiritual aspect but are welcomed and appreciated for their contributions, too. It is also a joy for me to have the ‘gals’ admire my handmade creations of jewellery.”

Mary Neuman



“What sets WMAD apart from other networking groups is this sense of friendship and support as well as the foundation of participating for a higher purpose, making a difference in others lives and being able to see the tangible results of that. This group gives you the opportunity to make friends, business connections and find partners for charitable endeavours.I have found the friendship and support, both personally and for my journey as a new author, invaluable. I look forward to each meeting, knowing I will leave feeling refreshed, re-energized and re-focused. With all of the benefits that come from being part of WMAD, I recommend this group for any woman whether she is young or old, employed, retired or somewhere in between.”

Darlene Gudrie Butts
author of “Lessons from the Depression, Eliminating Debt the Old-fashioned Way”



“‘Women touching other women’s lives in the most enriching heartfelt way’, is what Women Making A Difference is all about. I have been a member of this wonderful organization for over seven years and found comradeship, which is more than networking. We help each other and many local community based organizations, which prosper due to the loving efforts, money and time given by these wonderful ladies. I am most grateful for Women Making A Difference as it has truly made a difference in my life.”

Connie-Jean Latam, D.N.M. Ct.C , CHt
Doctor of Natural Medicine, Certified Counsellor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Art of Living Resource Centre Inc



“WMAD is a very unique women’s organization that meets monthly to share pieces of their lives with one another with plenty of fun and very little pretense. These women are caring, kind and generous. The environment is professional, warm, supportive and accepting. Many personal and business relationships are developing from this core of women. My life is enriched by my association with them and I have so appreciated the opportunity to share with them as a speaker from time to time. This group has grown over the years, as have the women who gather here. We really are “igniting potential” each time we come together. From these sparks, great things are happening!”

JoAnne Muegge
Author, Facilitator, Speaker, Coach, Realtor
jmuegge@cogeco.ca  |  Phone: 519-250-3945



“About one year ago I had the fortune of being invited to a WMAD dinner meeting by a friend of mine … and I have tried to make every meeting after that. Nancy Bolton, the founder and visionary of WMAD is a leader in her own right. Her passion to improve the plight of people in Africa is remarkable … with her inspiration to all, clean water for Africa has not only become a symbol of hope, but also a gathering place for the common dreams for the women that come to the WMAD meetings. In addition to this common goal of making a difference in the world, WMAD is a time and place to connect with extraordinary women from all walks of life gathering to share their professional as well as personal insights and journeys for the benefit of all. The truly inspiring speakers have made us laugh, and cry, and learn – and they have always inspired us to search for the best of humanity within ourselves as well as in the world around us. Thank-you to Nancy for her believing in her dream, and inviting us all to share in this remarkable journey.”

Vesna Bailey
Author of the Award-Winning NOTES Gift Books, www.NotesBeforeYouGo.com
E-mail: vesna.bailey@notesbeforeyougo.com Phone: 519-903-2971



“My husband and our family returned to Windsor from living in Australia for three years. JoAnne Muegge, our real estate agent and friend invited me to this fantastic women’s group. I had started a business helping seniors so I felt this would be good networking place. I enjoyed it so much I was hooked! I found the women friendly, supportive, funny and interesting. It was a no stress get together and it felt good. I look forward to the monthly gatherings and the inspirational speakers. I have been exposed to so many new experiences, met women that have inspired me and I know that no matter what I want to do, I can do it!!

Nancy our founder/director is an extremely caring person that keeps the group vibrant and bubbly. She can laugh at herself and also make you feel like you are the only person in the room. We are a great group of women from various backgrounds. The women are there to” Make a Difference” in their own lives and also in the lives of others. The group is uplifting, fun and inspirational. I am very grateful to belong to a group that is, Making a Difference!”

Beth Coleman-Blunt



“Making new connections with other women – strengthening relationships with long-time friends – coming together to share fellowship and to be inspired…..These are some of the things that have motivated me to participate in our local women’s group called WMAD. Led by my good friend Nancy Bolton who founded this organization, WMAD is unique in that it is a safe environment that is welcoming to any woman regardless of her status in life. I am always amazed at how willing these women are to share a part of themselves and marvel at the depth and richness of our brief time together. The inspiration I have received from speakers who have so graciously shared their stories has been awesome and I have learned so much from them. Nancy’s generous, compassionate heart and her determination to help others have been instrumental in promoting a focus of goodwill that has encouraged us to combine our efforts to make a positive and meaningful difference in our world. Our current humanitarian project to put our pennies together to provide clean water for people living without in two remote villages in Ghana West Africa is becoming a reality – how exciting is THAT!! More than just an evening out, I come away from our times together feeling nourished in body and in my soul, ready to take on yet another new day amidst the challenges of this life. WMAD reminds me that I am not alone in my daily struggles and that there is beauty and worth in each one of us. A smile, a kind word, an offering of friendship – these are the things that can truly make a difference.”

Linda Nagle



“There are so many great organizations out there and so many wonderful charities that when I was invited to a Women Making a Difference meeting I didn’t expect to be “awed” or have an “ah-hah” moment, and I didn’t…… I had two. The first was learning that WMAD wasn’t just providing the basic necessities to those in need but they were empowering those in need by providing them with the tools and education they needed. The story that touched me most was of a woman in Ghana, Africa to whom provisions for a sewing machine were sent and she was taught sewing. Soon Beatrice was providing for her family with her new skills and created two jobs for other women in her community to help her with her growing business. The second big moment for me at WMAD was thinking that I may personally have a need that could be filled by these African women that could foster more business development for them in their country. As the founder of Visible Treasures Jewellery Co. I am currently importing beautiful jewellery from around the world and why not, I thought to myself, look at these women in Africa as a possible supplier. I am exploring this opportunity through connections WMAD can provide to me. So, you just never know when or where the inspiration will come from, so follow your heart and consider attending a WMAD meeting and see what “ah-hah” moments may come to you. I’d like to wish all the wonderful woman at WMAD traveling to Africa this January a safe and rewarding journey!”

Sharon Purtill
Visible Treasures, www.visibletreasures.com



“This year has been a time of great loss in my life, but my greatest season of refinement. My mind, heart and spirit have been opened wide through the pain and struggle. I now understand the freedom that comes with a humbled heart. I have been liberated to be the woman God intended me to be. “Women Making A Difference” has made a great difference in my life. I sit, close my eyes, and absorb the energy of the great spiritual woman around me. I watch and I listen to the woman, from all walks of life, who all share the same dream of making a difference in our families, our community and our world through prayer and service. Our hearts are woven together with the golden thread of God’s Love. ‘Women Making A Difference’ is the pattern for my life, both personally and professionally as I am shaped into the woman God created me to be. I now embrace the changes and challenges God has placed in my life as nourishment for my spiritual growth and life opportunities. God ignites my potential, with His love, through the women of “Women Making a Difference”. I thank God for the gift of Nancy’s vision and for the woman who share the same mind and heart.”

Arlene Collison



“I first came to WMAD with my friend for a ‘ladies night out’. I had finally graduated from ‘ladies night out’ drinking a bit too much wine with girlfriends chatting, giggleling and gossiping on someone’s apartment sofa to something more mature – it was time. My new ‘ladies night out’ was an eye opener! A group of ladies in various businesses, whether current or retired, networking – either professionally or personally. This was not my regualar cup of tea… I initially thought that I had nothing to offer in terms of networking as my business is very unique and there was no opportunity to grow my business with the group. But, what is growing a business all about anyways? Is it only about networking? Is it only about finding clients? Is it only about how I can improve my income from a monetary standpoint? Can it be more and is it more? The answer for me is a resounding “Yes!” When I spend time with other ladies in conversation and learn about what they have done with their businesses and when Nancy brings in speakers from various backgrounds – I learn. I learn from them, their experiences, their way of seeing things, their laughter through adversity, their joy at a revelation and their honesty and sincerity in wanting to share their knowlege – in both pitfalls and successes. I am energized by the spirit of comradrie within the group and this renewal of strength gives me more insights, knowledge, excitement and ideas for my own business!

A huge aspect of our lives (hubby and me) is charity work. Nancy has not overlooked this vital part of giving back. There are several projects that are always on the go and I can choose which ones I feel the most affinity for and give, according to how we can – sometimes it has been monetary, hands on work, donations of clothing and food and sometimes it is just a ride. Whatever we have been able to give has been received with great joy, which also gives us the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping and making a difference in someone’s life. And isn’t that what life is supposed to be about anyways? To live according to God’s great mercy on us and to repay this mercy by being: patient, peacfeul, loving and merciful to others. WMAD has given me a new ‘ladies night out’ – one that I can actually grow with, through and from!”

Sidonia McIntyre, RMT, CEMT
Canadian National Equine Massage Therapy and Vertebral Realignment Instructor