Volta Region Villages





Water is indeed life!  Whoever brings, water brings life.  So it was with Women Making a Difference (WMAD), a formidable group of talented, selfless, God loving, generous and concerned group of women, who demonstrated their love in making a unique difference by bringing water to the door step of four remote villages in the Volta Region of Ghana.  Through their endeavour, they have saved the lives of women, children and men in Kanuwole, Kpevikpo, Dadome and Fakpoe, including other satellite villages within the catchment areas.  For generations to come, WMAD will remain indelible in the memory of these villagers, for as long as they continue to have clean water to drink, cook and wash.


When the enterprising Founder of WMAD, Nancy Hertel Bolton, led a team of like-minded gracious women through International Needs Canada (INCA) to International Needs Ghana (INGH), little did they reckon a more lasting relationship would manifest.  Their trip was not a sheer tourism to the much heard of West African most friendly and hospital country, Ghana, but also to make a difference in the lives deprived, rural villagers without clean water.


volta-testimonialsThe team travelled along rough, dusty routes to their target communities in the Volta Region.  With their self-generated resources, their “Coins for Water” rain water harvest project was first accomplished    in Kanuwloe village in January, 2011.  Hitherto, women and children had to travel for at least two miles with buckets and large bowls on their heads and wait patiently at the slow-yielding pond to scoop water with pans into their containers.  Often times, the women ran into cattle at the pond, also sharing and messing up the water.


Water quality from the ponds was nothing to smile at – “very muddy, dark and of deep-coffee colour”, as one of the INGH staff described it.  Back home, women had to wait for the muddy particles to settle, and then pour out the top for usage.  This was the water offered to warmly welcome the WMAD team when they arrived in Kanuwloe.  Faces went wry at the sight of the liquid offered wholeheartedly.   So many questions quickly ran through the minds of the team.  Something must be done for a change!


volta-testimonial2Indeed, with relationships strengthened between WMAD and INGH/INCA, a wish was fulfilled.  The people of Kanuwloe now have access to clean potable water, harvested within their premises.  This marvelous gesture was again replicated in September 2011 in Kpevikpo and Dadome, and a forth one in Fakpoe.  Clean water is now available for drinking, cooking and washing in these four communities.


One cannot underestimate the significant impact made through the intervention initiated by WMAD, some of which include the following:

  • Water can now be accessed “at the door-step” of the villagers. Women and children no longer carry heavy containers on their heads and walk long distances in search of water
  • Contaminated water that comes with water-borne diseases from infested ponds has been pushed to the background.
  • There is no longer a threat of snake bites experienced along bush paths trodden by women and children to pond sites.
  • Children are regular and stable in school, with proximity to the water source now

WMAD, may you continue to make a difference in the lives of many more villages that have no hope for clean water!  God richly bless you.